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9 Mar

As you know, foodways is the term social scientists use to organize and understand the social, economic and cultural practices integral to regional production and creation of food. Once upon a time  the foodways of Kurdistan was the focus of serious study, nowadays every neighborhood in Brooklyn claims its own foodways.

In 2011, food media burrowers and hucksters alike, along with self-anointed gastro-zealots use the term way too casually–as though uttering it might also serve to warn off rivals and attract a mate.

Here in this sanctuary, use of the term without the qualifying call to action in polite (even earnest) conversation is punishable by death. From this day forward let STUNT FOODWAYS be understood simply to mean a dedication to the fair and honest treatment of ugly and ungainly food,  a fondness for feeding unruly crowds, and a commitment to cooking hard and well beyond your pay-grade. So, fellow stuntfoodists, know that when the grass gets tall, the terrain unrecognizable,  and there’s nowhere to go but forward, you are no longer alone. Remember, In dubiis constans!