When asked to choose the two countries they perceived as having the least food safety oversight, American survey participants picked the United States 11 percent of the time

21 Jan

Food costs are on the rise due to higher commodity prices, adding pressure to grocers who already operate with very thin margins. Supermarket operators like Kroger Co have said they plan to pass those higher food costs on to shoppers

Could it be that s only China, Mexico and the countries of Africa are considered more dangerous than the United States?

Chicken and other poultry, along with lettuce, are judged the least-safe foods to eat.

Seventy-nine percent of respondents said the United States needs more government oversight and more stringent policies to strengthen the food safety system.

Exactly half said they were most concerned about pesticides and hormones in food production, just edging out the 49 percent who were most concerned about bacteria from food handling.

Some Republicans in Congress who will oversee the FDA have questioned the necessity and cost of the overhaul — estimated at $1.4 billion over five years — and warned that the administration could face a tough fight to fund provisions designed to prevent food-borne illness outbreaks.


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